Johanna Vuorio

“Good design reaches every phase of the creation process and thus produces sincere, timeless objects that are cherished in use because of the lasting, solid story behind them.”

Jonas Bohlin

"The connections to architecture, to functions, to life itself."

Cecilie Manz

“I view all my works as fragments of one big, ongoing story where the projects are often linked or related in terms of their idea, materials and aesthetics, across time and function.”

Hans Lensvelt

“The beauty is through my work - I’m bridging the creative world and the business world.”

Jouko Järvisalo

“The conceptual content of art is close to the concept of skill, which merges with emotion in the minds of those who experience it.”

Fien Muller & Hannes Van Severen

With both Fien and Hannes being artists, it’s natural that the collection sits somewhere between design and art – it’s obviously ’furniture’ but the emphasis is not completely concentrated on function and suggests different ways of living and use of space… an uncanny twist on universal forms.

Päivi Meuronen & Aimo Katajamäki

“Crisscross - from coin to concept, from sketch to concrete”

Richard Hutten

“Traditionally design is about solving a problem. I don’t solve problems; I create possibilities”

Max Lamb

A modern day artificer, Max Lamb is a product and furniture designer whose design sensibility is informed by his extensive knowledge of manufacturing techniques, respect for materials, and skill as a maker.

Simo Heikkilä

“In daily work the designer has to make decisions between two possibilities: Is this a task for something minimal, or an attractive place for maximal?”

Kaoru Mende

“We can be sure that architectural lighting design after 2015 will continue to interact with social trends and enter new phases of development.”